Monday, March 17, 2014

Mini Guinness - Keegan

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  The story of the Mini Guinness all started at a small bed and breakfast in Southern Ireland (from what I recall). The Irish side of the family went on an excursion to see the country and better understand our family roots.  On our way throughout the region we stopped for the night at this place to catch some Zzz along with a bite to eat and something to drink.  There so happened to be a bachelorette's party going on at the same time.  The ladies were feeling festive and decided a communal shot was in order, a mini guinness.  Not sure exactly how it came to pass, but I ended up being asked to participate in festivities--could a 19 year old single guy ask for anything better?  To my surprise it not only bore a striking resemblance to the treasured pint, but it went down smoothly to boot.

Whew now that the back story is done let's get down to making this thing.  Fortunately the ingredients are simple and the prep time is short--perfect recipe for a shot eh?

Makes 1 Mini Guinness

what you'll need:

Shot glass (size dependent upon ambition)

Fill three quarters (3/4) of the shot glass with Kahlua

Next we use a method to ensure the Bailey's stays on top, visually creating the illusion of Guinness foam/head.

Turn the spoon upside down and place inside the shot glass.

Then slowly pour the Bailey's directly onto the overturned spoon and VOILA, a Mini Guinness.

The next step is likely obvious, consume with pleasure!

Enjoy everyone!

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