Saturday, November 27, 2010

First post: Thanksgiving Stuffing - Caity

Hello!!! My name is Caity. I'm 21 years old and a senior in college in Portland, Oregon. My parents and sister live in Salt Lake City, Utah and my brother lives in San Jose, California. 

I made this blog as a Christmas present for my mom, Cathy (shhhh! Don't tell til Christmas!). Here's a picture of our family: from the top left it goes Kevin, Cathy, Keegan (way to ruin the family picture, brother!), Erin and me, Caity.

For more years than I can remember, my mom has been working on what she named "The Walsh Cookbook" which is basically a typed up version of all of our family's favorite recipes (and they are goooooood!). We have been sharing "The Walsh Cookbook" with friends, extended family members and acquaintances for years.

Unfortunately, the Walsh Cookbook has never left the .doc phase but we are still hoping for the print version one day! Until then, The Walsh Cookbook blog is here to include and update everyone in old family classics and new favorites.

Since the other day was Thanksgiving (Happy late Thanksgiving everyone!), I feel it's fitting to start with my favorite part of Thanksgiving: the stuffing (well technically it's dressing since it was never in the turkey).This recipe is a Cathy Walsh original which I had her type up for me this morning. She has no idea that I'm sitting next to her on the couch blogging it :) Can't wait for Christmas!!!

Anyway, on to the dressing... I could eat dressing for days (and I do).