Thursday, March 31, 2016

Almost Instant Chicken & Lemon Rice Soup - Caity

You know the "Spring head cold". The one where your alarm goes off and your throat is sore and you can only mouth breathe because you're so clogged up BUT it's too late to call in sick to work. You struggle through the day and you feel like your brain is marinating in snot (sorry for that visual). Thinking is hard. Breathing is hard. And no one seems to want to be near you (how odd!). 

The end of the day finally rolls around and you drag your sorry self home. You open up the fridge and that salad you had planned is just not going to cut it tonight. You want soup. You need soup. But you don't have soup. And you don't want to leave to go buy soup. This is where your life will be changed. I'd like to introduce "Almost Instant Chicken and Lemon Rice Soup". Three ingredients and in the time it takes to boil water, soup is ready! 

I admit, this soup is not going to blow your socks off. But it is good and, for those of us suffering from the Spring cold, it's fast and can be made with stuff you already have at home. Another benefit is that the zip of lemon can bust through that nasal congestion and you can finally taste something! It is reminiscent of that delicious Lemon Rice Soup you can order at some Greek Restaurants (I feel like the Rizzo family is shaking their heads sadly at me right now...but I'll come over anytime you want to make me legitimate Greek Lemon Rice Soup!). 

Treat your cold with Almost Instant Chicken and Lemon Rice Soup today! 

Serves 2-3