About Us

Hello! Welcome to the Walsh Cookbook! We are a family living in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Meet the family (from top left): Kevin (dad), Cathy (mom), Keegan (middle child), Erin (oldest child), and Caity (youngest child). 

Brendan, Caity's husband, is a big fan of Walsh meals and has some great additions of his own. 

Now meet the most loved member of the family, Molly. You'll probably read lots of references to her.

For years, Cathy has been working on "The Walsh Cookbook", which is a typed up version of our family's favorite recipes. We've been sharing "The Walsh Cookbook" with friends, extended family members and acquiantances at parties for years. 
Unfortunately, the cookbook has never left the .doc phase (we are still hoping!). Until that day arrives however, the Walsh Cookbook blog is here to include everyone in old classics and new favorites.