Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lemony Brussels Sprout Chips - Caity

One of my favorite parts about roasting brussels sprouts in the oven is the few leaves that get away from the bunch. They get all crispy, crunchy, and salty, and mmmm so delicious! It never occurred to me that some genius out there was making batches of ONLY the best parts. My view of brussels sprouts was changed last weekend at a restaurant in San Francisco called Marlowe

Erin, Brendan, and I spent Easter weekend visiting Keegan and Jaymie in San Jose. We spent Saturday night in the city so we could visit Alcatraz early Sunday morning and we went out to dinner at Marlowe.  The brussels sprouts came highly recommended by Brandon Rasmusson so we decided to try some out. Life changing! I'm telling you. It's like eating a healthier potato chip! Before we even finished dinner Erin had already looked up a recipe to make them so we could enjoy them at home too. 

This recipe comes from the blog "Lick My Spoon" and she has a recipe based on the brussels sprouts chips at Marlowe. I altered some of the proportions to suit my personal tastes so feel free to do the same. 

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Greens with Warm Goat Cheese - Caity


I am excited to finally have my first garden in Portland (not including the sad garden I planted in pots in the backyard of my college house). Last month I planted peas, radishes and a variety of lettuces. I have been eagerly checking the boxes every day to see how much progress the sprouts have made and also to make sure the neighbor's cat hasn't pooped in the boxes… again. I am looking forward to the day when I am able to use my own salad greens for this salad but in the meantime I have been enjoying the Baby Spring Greens supplied by my local New Seasons. 

This salad makes a really nice light lunch (I've had it 4 times in the last two weeks, so what!) or we made it for dinner one night with some baked eggs. The recipe comes from The Barefoot Contessa's cookbook "Barefoot in Paris" and I have only made minor changes. I hope you like it as much as I do!