Thursday, April 30, 2015

Two Minute Pomegranate Margaritas - Caity

Whenever the sun is shining, I crave Mexican food. And whenever I get Mexican food, I need a Margarita (obviously!). And whenever I get a Margarita, I may need a second one (this is starting to sound a little "When You Get a Moose a Muffin"-y to me). But what if I want to enjoy my Mexican food and margarita(s) in the privacy of my own sunny backyard? I can get my food to-go but they tend frown upon giving anyone alcohol to-go. I am condemned to margarita mix or squeezing a thousand limes. OR I can have these delicious Pomegranate Margaritas which require very little effort (hence the two minute title) and have great flavor!

This recipe comes from Kay Hartz, my friend Rachael's mom, who introduced my college roommates and our parents to fast and tasty margaritas that you make by the pitcher. I think she changes the ratio of the tequila to beer, but I usually like to do 1 to 2 cans tequila then the rest cheap beer. Adding the pomegranate juice makes it taste good and you look pretty fancy drinking it. Don't forget the salt (or sugar) rim! 

Impress your friends with these Cheater Pomegranate Margaritas this Cinco de Mayo! Try serving with Pork Carnitas and Carnitas Tacos , The Orange Sauce (aka Crack Sauce), Pico de Gallo and Mexican Style Hominy for a feast you'll want to eat over and over again.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Butternut Caprese - Caity

There are some days when I am entirely uninspired to cook anything. I am hungry but nothing sounds good. First world problems right?. I am sick of making the stuff I usually cook and I can't seem to think of anything that makes me feel excited about making dinner. 

Am I resigned to ordering pizza??? Sometimes. But usually, I like to open Erin Gleeson's cookbook, "The Forest Feast", and flip through her fresh and easy recipes and I am inspired to whip up something delicious! If you haven't seen it, this cookbook has gorgeous pictures of fresh food that doesn't require a million steps (perfect for when you're feeling lazy!). This recipe for Butternut Caprese comes from her cookbook and I highly recommend it. It's perfect as a light lunch or I served it for dinner with baked chicken thighs and Summer Zucchini Noodle Salad and it was fantastic! I recommend serving it as soon as it's ready to prevent any avocado browning. 

Serves 3-4 as a meal, serves 6 as a side dish