Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zucchini & Haloumi Fritters with Lemony Sriracha Aioli - Erin

You know it's really summer when your zucchini and squash plants start going nuts.  After a while I can't think of anything else to do with them and end up letting them go bad, but now that I've got this delicious recipe that won't be happening again!  Lemony with delicious haloumi and fresh zucchini and squash from my garden, they're so good, especially with the sriracha aioli!  I even put a fried egg on top of a couple of them the day after I made them, and was very happy with the results!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Quick & Easy Strawberry Freezer Jam - Caity

The thought of making jam or jelly has always intimidated me. I think it's the whole sealing the jars part. I'd have to buy all those cute matching mason jars and associated gear... meh. So I was excited when my mom told me there was a way to make jam sans sealing; freezer jam! 

Basically you smash the fruit, boil water with the sugar and pectin, mix it all together and put it containers. The ones you put in the fridge you have to use within 3 weeks (not a problem when you eat jam as much as I have been lately!) otherwise throw it in the freezer for up to a year! This jam is so fresh tasting and it has nice big chunks of fruit in it. 

I will warn you though, once you make this jam, you will find yourself eating more jam than you have ever eaten before. One day I had toast with jam for breakfast, a crumpet with jam for lunch then a PB&Jam sandwich for dinner. That's a lot of jam!!!! 

This recipe comes from the insert inside the Sure Jell Low Sugar Pectin box (low sugar, yay!). 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Peruvian Quinoa Salad-Cathy

It's time for another "crossover" posting! The 2 Vagabonds are at it again next Saturday for another open house with many fabulous things from all over the world. So here is another recipe that is often served at their events and is also posted on their website, This salad is light, high in protein and especially refreshing in our HOT Utah summer weather.

Quinoa is a staple “grain-like crop” grown that has a very long history of being widely consumed in Peru. It’s high in protein and is otherwise nutritionally very dense; it also happens to be very, very delicious.

We have always loved quinoa and eat it quite often; it has a simple flavor and a lovely slight crunch when cooked just to the point of being barely tender. You see it most commonly in this yellow-white color, but also in beautiful red and black colors. When we went to Peru last year we were fortunate enough to see the beautiful flowering fields everywhere, and enjoyed eating quinoa in many different ways. 

This tabbouleh-like salad, slightly adapted from a great Peruvian cooking source,, is one delicious and wonderful way to enjoy this high-protein and easy to prepare food. It has been very much enjoyed at the 2 Vagabonds parties as a refreshing, light salad and an example of some of the wonderful flavors of Peru. 

This works well as a side dish to any kind of grilled chicken (try our Peruvian Style Roasted Chicken), fish, steak, or veggies--or just all by itself!

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