Thursday, January 26, 2017

Braised Green Beans with Smashed Tomato Vinaigrette - Brendan

If my math is correct, I have eaten roughly 30,660 meals in my life (I'm 28 years old and am assuming 3 meals a day x 365 days a year). Out of all of those meals, only once have I ever said the words "Those green beans were the best part of that meal." Now some of you are probably thinking, "well, that math is a bit misleading because you haven't had green beans with EVERY meal, have you?". The answer of course is no (thank God). Can you imagine eating green beans for every meal? But I've never given that kind of accolade to ANY kind of vegetable, EVER. That award is usually reserved for whatever meat is being served (hopefully steak!); except for every time I eat these green beans. 

This recipe is a favorite of Caity's and mine and comes from the cookbook, "Date Night in" by Ashley Rodriguez. 

Serves 2

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