Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gina's Mom's Tart - Caity

This has been a Walsh family favorite as long as I can remember and has been in my mom's collection of recipes for years. Here is what she had to say about it:

"This is the most wonderful, easy, delicious recipe from Gina A.'s mom, adapted by Gina to this version.  The first time I had this, Gina had made a blueberry one and we couldn’t believe it didn’t come from a bakery; it was so beautiful and good.  I have given this recipe over the years to just about everyone I know and they all have loved it and tried many different versions of it—all wonderful.

Just about any fruit works—blueberry (fresh or frozen) or apricot has always been my favorite, but also great with plum, raspberry, pear, apple,

strawberry—I’ve never heard of anything that didn’t work well.  Maybe if you used cranberries you would have to increase sugar a bit though to compensate for the tartness. 

     A nice touch is to place fresh fruit on top right before serving—especially raspberries.  Also, if you are using a larger pan, it works fine to do the recipe 1 ½ times or double.

     Julie Mackie made some tarts one summer with fresh raspberries, but discovered that her family had eaten most of the raspberries.  She made the tarts anyway and just sprinkled the few she had on the crust.  She also doesn’t have a tart pan, so she just pressed the crust out onto a flat pan (which can only work if you only use a little bit of fruit like this.  She usually uses a regular pie pan which works well; it’s just harder to remove the tart from the pan.)  The tart was still delicious—it just tasted more like a raspberry cookie than a tart.  Just goes to show you that improvisation can work out great sometimes. "

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