Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cheater's Pavlova - Cathy

This is the faster, even easier version of Pavlova that uses store-bought little meringue cookies.  I usually do these in wine glasses for pretty individual presentations, but I have also done it in a big trifle-type bowl to take to picnics and potlucks.  We have even done them a few times in clear plastic tumblers for extreme portability and that works just great!

what you will need:
Store-bought meringue cookies: vanilla or chocolate chip, cut into pieces
Whipped cream; whipped to soft peaks, unsweetened
Fresh fruit, cut into pieces as necessary
A few mint leaves are pretty, too if you have some

Layer cookies, cream and then fruit in a large bowl or into individual serving dishes.  Best if done ahead a few hours to allow to soften, particularly since these cookies are baked until crisp all the way through.  That's it!  Can't get any easier or prettier than that!

Portable version

And I have to add the gorgeous photo of Erin's version of Pavlova that she made recently with just strawberries!

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