Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sweet Chili Baby Back Ribs - Caity

You learn something new everyday. On Saturday, I learned most ribs are pork. I always thought they were beef. I had no idea! 

I also had no idea that ribs were so easy to make. Two ingredients (unless you count salt and pepper, then it's four), one oven, four hours = heaven. I was afraid that the ribs would be tough because I didn't have a "special rib smoker" but these ribs were falling off the bone and so tender. Thai sweet chili sauce is a perfect sauce for these ribs and very different from regular BBQ sauce. 

This recipe  comes from "The Steamy Kitchen" blog which has lots of other easy to make, incredibly tasty items. 

serves 4-6 people

what you'll need:

5 lbs of baby back ribs 
1/2 cup sweet chili sauce (you can find this at most grocery stores in the Asian section)
salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 275 F. 

On the underside of the ribs, remove the thick white membrane covering the ribs using a butter knife and your fingers. This will help keep the ribs tender. 

Salt and pepper both sides of the ribs. 

Place flat on a baking sheet. Cover in a double layer of foil. Place in the hot oven and walk away for 4 hours. 

After about four hours, remove the foil and discard. Turn the oven onto broil. 

Brush and/or pour the sweet chili sauce on the ribs. Be generous! 

When the oven is hot, place the baking sheet near the top of the oven. Broil for 3-5 minutes until the sweet chili sauce is caramelizing. Be careful not to burn!!!!!!!! 

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