Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pan Con Tomate/Tomato Bread - Caity

Pan con tomate, for all you non-Spanish speakers means literally Bread with Tomato. Similar to Italian bruschetta, but at the same time very different. The bread is toasted then rubbed down with garlic and olive oil and topped with tomatoes and salt. So good!

I learned to make this when I studied abroad in Barcelona and took a cooking class. Traditionally you're not supposed to put the meat of the tomatoes on top of the bread, but I hate wasting all that delicious tomato so I tear it up and throw it on top. 

This is one of my favorite light summer meals. The tomatoes are at the best and the garlicky, salty bread compliments it perfectly. It can either be a nice snack on its own or goes very well with a chilled soup or really anything you're feeling like. 

 what you'll need:

thick crusty bread, sliced in half the long way
garlic cloves, sliced in half the short way
ripe tomatoes, halved the short way (it's juicier that way!)
olive oil

 Drizzle olive oil over the bread slice. Toast, olive oil side down, in a pan over medium heat until golden brown. 

Take the garlic half and rub liberally directly onto the bread. My hands look very tan right? It must be the lighting...

Take the tomato half and smash it on the bread rubbing it around to get as much smushed into the bread as possible. Then if you like rip up the rest of the tomato and arrange it on top of the bread. Sprinkle with salt. Enjoy! 

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